Saturday, December 8, 2007

How To Keep The Excitement On (2)


Hi dear,

I hope you had a wonderful week, and I believe you followed last week’s tips and kept the excitement on in your home.

This is the concluding part of the series, ‘How To Keep The Excitement On’.
The first tip today is called ‘Moment Stealing’. Special moments vary from couple to couple but the great thing about it is that the effects are universal.

It could be eye contact for as short as 10 seconds in between all the chaos of managing family, it could even be in the morning before you both leave for work. It doesn’t really matter; but let it be packed with promises. The kind of promises I am talking about here, are specific promises that are totally intimate. A special moment could even be light brushing of your hands against his, but just let it be packed with promises.

The second tip for the day is Surprise Appearances. Except your partner is very rigid about what you should wear, you should surprise him; sorry the right word is ‘shock’ At times, shock him with an outfit and hairdo that takes 20 years off you. I tell you and it’s a promise that it will stir emotions and feelings your man has put in his archive and forgotten for 20 years.

Finally, you should know when to quit: Sorry to disappoint you, I do not mean quitting your relationship, not that angle this time. Remember this episode’s focus is keeping the excitement on. I actually mean knowing when to quit being angry when there is a strain or quarrel. Check This Out! Expert findings and research have shown that every row or strain has a natural time limit in place. If you are in a good relationship, and sensitive to your partner’s emotions, there is a point when your heart softens, and you give in. That is the natural end of the row. At that point, just let it go. Do not allow pride or external influences make you keep up the fight. This could kill excitement, because even if you forgive later the harm has been done.

The success of these tips, cut across races, and generations. It is universal to every woman, and I believe it will work for you too.

Please don’t miss visiting this page next week. I will be starting a very useful series on the total organization of a woman’s life. You know being a wife is a God-given career and it is not so easy combining it with other aspects of your life. By the time I am through with the series it will be a piece of cake.


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Thursday, November 29, 2007

How To Keep The Excitement On

Roving Rose

Hello sisters,

Good to be in touch again. Sorry about the delay in the release of this episode. The focus today is on how to be an exciting wife for all times. Knowing marriage for what it is, it could get really boring if it is not handled right. So, in today's episode I want to drop some useful tips on how to keep the excitement on.

First, you must unlearn the act of monotony -- a deadly disease in marriage. Monotony is a drainer of vitality, it's a slow death that cuts across dressense, ways of expressing love, intimacy, sex life and domestic affairs. Break that Sisyphian jinx, with a bubble of creative excitement. To do this, spontaneity is the key. Remember a story of a brilliant lawyer during Clinton's regime, whose wife carried the same hairstyle for 20 years! While for some this may be a lesson in marital tolerance, for a vast many it is an excitement eliminator. Trust me, I have interviewed several husbands who swore that they are gruelling in hellish monotony.

Secondly, after the completion of my research on gifts and what they evoke, I discovered that extremely intimate gifts provoke deep-rooted emotion and excitement. Gifts to your husband need not be too expensive to relay an authentic and genuine feeling, but it must be intimate enough to touch the right spots.

Beside the fact that they exercise the facial muscle to make you look good and beautiful, it puts a relaxed air around you, and make your hubby see the young damsel he fell in love with. The therapeutic value of laughter can never be exhausted. It is an eternal music of the soul. Remember to laugh real good when next you people are together, pushing to the back of your mind the very tedious occupation of managing the home.

Until I see you next week for more tips, promise me you'll keep laughing.

Monday, November 19, 2007



Hello, to every wife out there. This is a site that is favourably biased towards wives.

I'm one of YOU, and that is why I want to reach out to YOU specially, because I feel a strong affinity with any lady, that's managing a husband, and is able to stay alive through it all -- its joys and travails

To me, it is a world that floats between reality and fantasia. Just when you think it cannot get worse, something really great pops out of the blues and you say to yourself, 'I would have been incomplete without this union'.

From week to week, I'm going to feed you with exciting stories of different women who have a common bond because they fall under the same umbrella called wives. If you have true experiences, stories, wives' tales and titbits to share, feel free to send them to me at: .